Improved thermal insulation, security and fabrication for increased competitiveness in the Schüco core market segment

Optimised thermal insulation

Thermal insulation requirements continue to increase, which is reason enough to improve the excellent thermal insulation of the tried-and-tested, highly successful Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window system even further with targeted use of special insulating materials. It was possible to improve the Uf value of the frame system by 0.1 W/(m2K) on the basis of new thermal insulation materials. The system also impresses visually with narrow mullion and frame profiles with face widths of just 34 mm and 44 mm.

New screw-type connection technology

The convenient fabrication of Schüco Window AWS 75.SI+ has also been improved, with the optional use of new screw-type connection technology. The benefits include heavily reduced noise emission during fabrication compared to the nailed option as well as a flush appearance in the lateral detailed view.

Anti-glare protection integrated in the glazing bead

Standard internal pleated or anti-glare protection solutions cause holistic system integration to fail when there are high architectural requirements. The successful solution to this demanding design challenge is called Integralmaster, internal anti-glare protection integrated in the glazing bead which may represent a practical alternative to external shading, especially where the use of external sun shading systems is not possible or not desired for the architecture, such as in listed buildings or where there is extreme outdoor weather. The Integralmaster is fully integrated in the glazing bead system and has no obtrusive elements such as brackets, cable guides or top and bottom rails in your field of vision. Another particular feature is the high performance films with special pleating which run directly in front of the glass panes and guarantee clear views to the outside while utilising natural light.

Cradle to Cradle – award-winning sustainability

The premium Schüco brand stands for future-oriented, sustainable building envelopes around the world. A key component for this are Schüco building components which are based on the “Cradle-to-Cradle” principle (C2C), i.e. they are tested for pollutants and recycling properties. A prime example is the Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window system, which has been tested by the independent Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in cooperation with EPEA in Hamburg and awarded the Silver certificate in accordance with the current C2C standard of the C2CPII institute in the USA.

Basic depth 75 mm

Min. face width 91 mm / AWS 75 BS – 67 mm

Uf value (>=) 0,9

Max. glass thickness 61 mm

Opening type Inward and outword

Surface finishes Powder / Anodised / Paint / Duraflon / Colour ranges

Approvals Sound reduction index [dB] 45

Air permeability Class 4

Watertightness 9A

Burglar resistance RC 2

Wind load resistance C5/B5





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