DECALU 110 Steel

Parameters of DECALU 110 STEEL

  • installation depth 110 mm;
  • max. glass thickness 63 mm;
  • Uw from 0.7 W/m2*K ;
  • combination with the movable post 110 mm;
  • frame and sash combination 83 mm.


Imagine an industrial living space in an old brick factory building or a new tenement house with a clinker brick façade. Imagine an  minimalistic office building office being an annexe to the production building. The DECALU 110 STEEL profile system in SO EASY technology is a modern functional solution with the best thermal and acoustic parameters. System inspired by the style of industrial steel frames is perfect solution for modern constructions and revitalized facilities. DECALU 110 STEEL windows of SO EASY technology are the best alternative to classic systems used in sacred or historical buildings.

If you choose DECALU 110 STEEL
made in the SOEASY technology, you will obtain:

  • highly energy-efficient windows. 
  • the lowest parameters of air permeability in class 4,
  • high water-tightness parameters up to 2250Pa,
  • the most daylight into interiors thanks to the minimization of the visual dimensions of the profiles.
  • easy cleaning, without a central gasket,
  • no focal corrosion at the interface between the profiles and the fitting hidden hinges
  • machine integration of gaskets with profiles – accuracy and repeatability of the product
  • the highest level of functionality and aesthetics,
  • wide visual range of products based on one technology – SO EASY technology.




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