The so-called three-layer “warm” installation

Warm installation has many advantages. First of all, it significantly reduces the energy costs and improves the microclimate of the room. What is it and what are its other advantages? Energy- efficient construction is nowadays a standard. In the case of the window hole the optimal operation designed to preserve energy efficiency is the warm installation of windows, which is gaining more and more popularity. The main route of heat escape from the room are gaps caused by a bad installation of windows. That’s why window manufacturers organize specialized trainings in warm installation for their experts , which then are supported by many hours of practical classes. Thanks to a thoroughly trained and skilled team, warm installation will be executed in a proffesional way, causing even a twofold reduction of heat loss, and, as a consequence, it will result in lower heating bills. Thanks to the warm installation the formation of unsightly and dangerous to the health fungi and mold blooms can be avoided.

Warm installation is a stable and, above all, efficient way of sealing the places in which windows are fastened. In this process, a wide range of products are used. Warm installation specialists pay special attention to the perfect insulation of the place where the window is in contact with the wall. This is necessary if we want to eliminate the so-called thermal bridges.

The objective of the system, therefore, is to:

  • Secure properly for many years the connection of the window with the wall
  • Reduce the occurrence of thermal bridges around the windows
  • Improve the microclimate of the roomt
  • Reduce the possibility of mildew around the windows.

Installation options:

  • expansion tapes
  • vapour permeable and impermeable foils
  • sog. „warme Fensterbank“
  • the so-called “warm window sill”
  • EPDM collar.


The choice of options depends on the standard of your house and the possibility of applying one of them. We will be happy to work with you to conduct an analysis of the possibilities and choose the appropriate option. Welcome to our office.



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